What Kathy's Clients Have to Say


Kathy took her time to explain and educate us on our options and allowed us to make informed educated decisions!
-Jo M

I’ve worked with Kathy twice now; once to buy my home and then a couple years later to sell it. In both instances Kathy has gone above and beyond to help me through each and every step making sure I understand the process and feel good about my decisions. Even when it comes to things that don’t necessarily fall under Kathy’s umbrella, she never hesitates to help and ensure I’m in good hands. To say she puts you at ease during the process is an understatement because she really makes you feel like family and shows that care long after your “deal” is done. If you decide to work with Kathy not only will you walk away successful, you’ll also walk away feeling secure and confident in your decision. Can’t thank you enough Kathy for all you’ve done for me and my family!!

Kathy was a real joy to work with in selling our home. She went above and beyond, in many instances, and was always available to answer questions or offer help, in any way. She is a stellar realtor that combines professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and displayed genuine care and concern, about us, as sellers, to make sure we were comfortable and updated throughout the whole process.
-Kent and Dorothy Einertson

Kathy has been my agent for two transactions now. She helped me get into my first home a few years ago and it was a great house for what I needed in my life at that time. Last December I called Kathy and we talked about what the market would be like the coming spring. I was not wanting to sell and buy but she gave me the wisdom and guidance of her years in the industry. I am so glad I listened to her. I was able to make a nice profit on my sell and find the next house that I adore. I know the new house is not the house that I will go toes up in so I look forward to working with Kathy in the future. She is not just a great agent she is my friend also.

Kathy recently helped me purchase a home when I moved from Lakewood to Frederick. Despite the fact that purchasing a home is incredibly stressful, Kathy made the process as smooth as possible. Kathy is dedicated to her clients and answered every phone call, text, and question that I had. Thank you so much Kathy for seeing the kids and I through such a challenging experience and holding us up the whole way - WE LOVE YOU!!

Kathy was a pleasure to work with. It was my first time buying a house and I appreciated her openness and honesty throughout the entire process. She was there for me step by step took the time to explain contracts properties and answered any questions I had (at any time of day). Through the entire process I felt as though I was in a partnership and for a first time home buyer that is exactly what I needed!

Kathy worked tirelessly for me during my recent real estate transaction. From our first meeting she came well-armed with research on comps and had done very thorough homework. She assisted me and coordinated with vendors needed for minor home improvements I performed based on the sales transaction she worked late into the evening at times with contract signatures required between myself and the buyer and overall guided and shepherded me through the transaction making it as smooth and easy as it could have possibly been. I give Kathy Tye the highest recommendation possible; she is a true professional and brings great experience with her.

Kathy was very helpful and professional throughout the home-buying process. When it came to negotiations on inspection objection issues Kathy kept me well informed and helped me defend our stance on problems that came up. I would recommend Kathy to any future home buyer.

Kathy Tye knows her business. She cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to help them. I will always recommend Kathy!

Working with Kathy was more than a pleasure. We began our house search over a year ago and were struggling to find what kind of house we wanted for our budget. We decided it was best to postpone for a year and start again new. Kathy was more than happy to pick us back up starting this year and we began our search. We saw close to 30 homes before we found THE one for us. Kathy guided us through every single step offered her expertise and insight brought to our attention things that we as first timers never thought to inquire or investigate. Kathy made us feel part of a family and still does to this day. We closed today and I cant wait to have Kathy over to our new home once we can safely do such amid this Covid period. I cannot recommend Kathy enough.
-Micaela & Shane

Kathy is amazing! She has an immense amount of knowledge about the real estate market and the Denver area in particular. She was ALWAYS available to talk answer questions or go see houses. When we did look at houses she was always assessing the house from floor to ceiling and telling us what we need to look out for things we wouldn't know to check. This was our first time buying a house and we could not have found a better realtor. She never pressured us into making a decision we weren't ready for and was always willing to talk about ideas or concerns we had. We are very satisfied with our experience and would highly recommend Kathy and Kentwood to anyone looking!
-Mary Kate & Sean

Kathy is a godsend. My fiance and I are both first time homebuyers and Kathy really made this process easy for us. She talked us though every step and did so much work behind the scenes that just took the stress off of our shoulders. We bought have a beautiful home in under a month and can't speak highly enough about Kathy.
-Dave & Mandi

After 23 years in our family home that had so many happy memories for us it was difficult for us to finally decide to downsize. However our Realtor Kathy Tye helped to make the transition easier for us. Kathy listened to our needs and took us to see many homes and areas that met our specific criteria. When we finally found our new home in a beautiful neighborhood that had all of the amenities that we were looking for we had to move quickly to take advantage of several intensives. The intensives included the builder paying closing costs a very low interest rate as well as other excellent financial benefits. As a result we needed to sell our large home quickly. Kathy's resources and knowledge of the Greenwood Village area helped us to sell our home within one month.  Kathy was instrumental in making this emotional transition into this new chapter of our lives enjoyable! We highly recommend Kathy Tye as your Realtor.
-Syd & Teresa

Kathy and her team were awesome professional responded to all requests quickly Kathy was on it at all times wonderful to work with. I will recommend Kathy to everyone.

Kathy made my experience as first time home buyer less intimidating by educating me about the process throughout. She consistently provided thorough information and never hesitated to take the time to explain something to me and show me different options. I'm in love with my new house and totally credit Kathy's knowledge and experience in real estate for the opportunity to scoop it up. I would recommend Kathy to all my family and friends.

I highly recommend Kathy Tye to anyone buying or selling a house! She is in tune with your needs and goes beyond the call to take the best care of you. She is with you every step of the process. I had some road blocks that she conquered immediately to make selling my home stress free. Extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of any issue. Kathy was totally committed to me throughout the entire process. She absolutely cares about her clients and you can feel her commitment to you as a person. AND she exceeded my expectations on what I expected to get for my home!So much so that I was able to buy a much needed car. Everyone should experience  Kathy's vast knowledge and commitment. Kathy is a gem of a person!

Kathy Tye was extremely useful and her information was paramount to my closing on such a short notice. I learned so much about the home-buying process! I will definitely be recommending her to any and all home-buyers I come across.

Kathy Tye is not just a broker - she is super woman! I am (was!) a first time home buyer and to say I was stressed about the process is an understatement. I was referred to Kathy by my lender and was nervous as he had only worked with her once but because of the raving review he gave I went for it. After meeting for the first time I knew I was in the right hands! No question I asked was too big or too small. I never once felt like I was being judged for my lack of knowledge or know-how. Every question I asked she took seriously and made sure I truly understood the answer. I didn't know it then but ultimately she would not only be my broker but also my "home-buying counselor" in a sense because it was important to her that I not only found the house I wanted but also that I felt good throughout the process. Kathy knows her industry extremely well and has the experience to help you through any situation. At times I was concerned about whether or not I would have the money needed for the down payment and Kathy would walk me through a couple of different scenarios we could work with to ensure the down payment was taken care of and she worked directly with my lender to put me in the right situation. I even went as far as asking my lender to include Kathy in all communication because I trusted that if I didn't understand something or didn't see the possibility of a situation she could help. I was the epitome of the lost customer when it came to this purchase and I can't thank Kathy enough for guiding me to the end. I felt comfortable trusted confident and secure with Kathy as my broker (and counselor!) and would seriously recommend her to anyone looking for a home. Thank you to the entire Kentwood team but especially to you Kathy! I couldn't be happier with the end result and only wish you and I still had to talk every day. I not only gained a broker and my first home but also a friend for life!

Kathy always follows through and is always up beat even when issues come up.

I am a first time home buyer and was recommended to Kathy Tye from a friend. She has gone above and beyond to help me in every corner of the process. She has informed me of the ins and outs the dos and don'ts. I was required to take a home buyers course for my loan conditions and during the 6 hours of the class 90% of it were things that Kathy had already gone over with me I have felt secure and taken care of from beginning to the end thru the closing. I would recommend her to any family member friend or anyone looking to buy a home. 5 stars

Kathy has been Fabulous. She has gone above and beyond to help me find my way! I most appreciated her tenacity and professionalism!

Kathy Tye assisted me in purchasing a home in Cherry Creek. As I was relocating to Denver from outside of the US I needed considerably more assistance in understanding the whole home purchase process as well as selecting the right location. This was the 20th home that I have purchased around the world and I can say that the level of service that Kathy provided was the best I have seen. Nothing was too much trouble and in addition to helping select the appropriate location in Denver she assisted with many other relocation items that a realtor would not normally do. Kathy was always very responsive and if she did not immediately know the answer to a question she would do the necessary research and always call me back with no need of follow up. In summary I cannot speak highly enough of Kathy and would recommend her for any relocation/home purchase.

Buying and selling a house is challenging in todays market which is why we are glad we chose an experienced and knowledgeable realtor like Kathy Tye to walk us through the process. She helped us from the very start to recognize improvements that might enhance our home before we put it up for sale. She walked us through the staging process so that we could present a home free of clutter and personal attachments. Kathy also helped us to analyze our competition so that we could arrive at a realistic price. Most importantly she was extremely encouraging and supportive as we went through the ups and downs of finding the right buyer. She also made it easy to get through the flood of paperwork necessary for the sale which really put us at ease. This was only one half of our process with Kathy as she also helped us to search tirelessly for the perfect new home for us. Here she did a great job of searching areas that would be a fit for us and kept us updated on anything new we could look at as soon as they were on the market. When we found the house we wanted she did a great job of helping us to negotiate the price and closing details. Working with a person that has a positive attitude and a sense of humor sure took a lot of stress out of the process for us. We were delighted with the professional and personal attention we received from Kathy and highly recommend her services to anyone thinking of moving in the near future.
-Linda & Carl

Kathy was fantastic spent LOTS of time helping us find the right property. Very patient very responsive very willing to keep working. Communication was Excellent! Would recommend her to others looking in Denver.
-Patti & Greg

There are so many things to compliment Kathy on that it's hard to say what's the most important. We had 2 contracts fall through when trying to sell our home through no fault of ours nor of our broker. She was incredibly patient in explaining the process to us getting us the right information at the right time. It was clear from the beginning that she was absolutely going to get us the best deal she could and she made herself available for any questions we had through the 3-month process. Her advice on how best to prepare and present the home probably was a major contributing factor to the sale price we got which was quite a bit higher than either me or my wife had expected we could get. We will definitely be recommending her to any of our friends and family looking to move property in the metro area - which she understands in a wide market not just one smaller area.
-Ana & Kevin

It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share our experience of listing and selling our condominium with Kathy Tye as our realtor. We have bought and sold a number of houses over the past 30 years and have rarely had a realtor with Kathys knowledge of the current housing market and understanding of human nature both seller and buyer. Each phase of the sales effort was superior: innovative efforts in developing prospects useful insights on pre-listing staging and repair items; Kathys effective showings and proactive facilitation of the sale negotiations exemplified excellent due diligence. All of these tasks whether business-related or interpersonal were accomplished with grace integrity competence and kindness. We highly recommend Kathy Tye for your residential real estate needs
-Robert & Leslie 

Kathy Tye was absolutely fabulous!! Not only did she help us find our dream home but she also became a friend source of support and someone we would tell anyone searching for a home to work with. Kathy listened to us and gave us wonderful advice and support throughout the process. The only negative is that we don't get to spend time with Kathy since our house search has ended!!
-Larissa & Brandon 

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for being the best realtor on the planet! Not only did you stick with us in a very HOT market while we searched almost a year for the perfect home but you were professional knowledgeable and supportive every step of the way. You demonstrated high competence during some very complex situations including a short sale and bidding wars. Ultimately we found and bought our perfect home and we can't thank you enough. We will refer you to anyone who might be looking for Denver's best realtor. We had her!
-Jack & Sarah

Kathy was very helpful during our search for a new home. She was very knowledgeable and helped make what would be a very stressful process easy. We would definitely recommend Kathy to others looking for a home.
-Lim Family

Kathy is amazing! We were prepared for every step. Kathy explained everything to us in our terms sometimes in multiple sittings. Our options were laid out well in advance of events it was like having a crystal ball. Kathy went the extra mile at every step making phone calls emailing timelines and reminders. There were no surprises; her energy and tenacity were miraculous. I've seen realtors with entire teams that weren't as effective as Kathy. Kathy got along with everyone in the family we were all instant fans! If this market has you intimidated or scared of shopping you need Kathy! Real Estate is Kathy's superpower no joke she has a knack for this. There is no other way to say it this family doesn't do real estate without Kathy Tye! And we will be forever grateful for her helping our big and loud family through our many transactions. Thank you again for all your help Kathy!

Kathy you are so amazing! You have been so helpful and wonderful. We have had so much fun working with you. Thanks for all of your patience and your positivity through this process. Thank you for helping us find our new home!
-Elise & Paul

Kathy Tye was our realtor when we sold our home in Greenwood Village in July 2015. I cannot say enough good things about working with her. She went so far beyond what any other realtor has done in terms of getting her hands dirty and helping whether it was packing boxes cleaning out the garage calling to find someone to do a task. She did it all with a smile and always said it was no problem. She was a friend (through our kids) before she was our realtor and I usually do not choose to work with friends just in case something happens but in this case Im very glad I did. In fact I feel like we are better friends now than before. Selling a home is a difficult anxiety-provoking process but having Kathy as our realtor made it go much smoother. We have bought 5 homes and sold 4 over the past 20 years so weve had a few realtors and while all of them have been good none has come close to Kathy. She even dealt with issues that the buyers agent really should have dealt with but she wanted to make sure that nothing jeopardized the deal. We highly recommend her.
-Camille & Stephen

I had the pleasure of working with Kathy Tye on what was one of my more challenging real estate transactions. Kathy's professionalism to her client and to me was exemplary and I truly appreciated her efforts and expertise to overcome the challenges presented by my buyers lender. Rather than going through the transactions challenges I would rather tell you that Kathy's willingness to get into the trenches and collaborate on difficult issues demonstrated true dedication to her profession. Kathy is someone I sincerely respect and hope to have the opportunity to work with again in the future. I am certain she is a valued member of your organization and appreciate your time to read this email. Here's to continued success to us all!

Thank you so much for all your hard work patience and commitment to helping us through this process! We had the BEST time and we are so glad we found you! We will definitely tell everyone we know to use you in the future! We are so thankful for your genuine support and caring for us and our family! We will think of you every time we check out our awesome View!  Thanks for everything.
-Dillon & Jess

Last year I had the pleasure of working with Kathy. She was responsible for selling my home and finding me a new one. She also recommended updating projects in my home which helped me to maximize the value when it came time to list it.  She has a phenomenal team of contractors and stagers that did an amazing job. Proof of this was that my home sold on the first day it went on the market.  Kathys attention to detail knowledge of the area and her ability to make clients feel that they are her priority make her a pleasure to work with.

Kathy is an elite realtor. But she's much more than that. She does it all and she's there with you every step of the way. Kathy listens to you and your goals and provides creative options so you can consider all angles. She has access to great resources so you can fix up your home or even remodel it. She works extremely hard for you. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty by going way above and beyond. Kathy truly cares about her clients and provides unparalleled customer service. If you want the best get Kathy on your team!
-Brad & Sarah